Sunday, 3 January 2010

Peace, quiet and mulled wine

I am shattered after four days of guests, parties, food – too much food – and wine. It's been so good to see the people I care about most but I was pleased to come home, shut the door, and listen to the quiet.

I haven't made any new year's resolutions. Unless they're supremely small, I tend to fail. I also won't make any predictions about the coming decade.

Looking back over this one, I could never have predicted where it would take me. My life is so different from what I had thought it would become. Neither in a good or bad way, just different. So, I will continue to look forwards and seek out opportunities and adventures, friendships and relationships but I won't begin to imagine where the next decade will take me, Instead, I will try to plough on and enjoy or endure whatever comes my way with gratitude and curiosity.

Tonight, I will mull the end of the bottle of red wine that sits open on my kitchen amongst all the dishes and a enjoy a final taste of winter's festivities and some peace.


  1. I know that feeling when you just want to take a break from everyone. Enjoy you peace and quiet for now.

    I found your blog through the Coffee Shop, check out mine too.

  2. A bit late, I know, but Happy New Year - hope it's a good one for you :)

  3. Thanks Kim, you too. Your photos are beautiful.

    And, Ash - welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I will check your blog out too