Monday, 11 January 2010

Mum - An unsually good day

Mum usually drives me nuts. Often my frustration with her, is not so much because of her, but because of my parents' situation and consequent dependence on me and my sister.

However, today is different. I'm very pleased with her. Not only did she get a flat tyre when away from home, but succeeded in calling the RAC and buying a new tyre without even so much as a panicked text message or demand that I drop everything and rescue her. Although, she had forgotten her phone.....however, past times would have seen her call a cab to go home and get before calling us to sort it all out. Maybe she's making inroads to being independent.

She's in an odd situation, we all are. My my father's Alzheimer's means that she is in every practical sense a widow even though her husband still lives. But he is not here. He can't give a hug or listen to her day or tell her he loves her or any of those things husbands do. Instead she has the cruel punishment of having him physically present whilst being a ghost of her husband. She still has him, in a small way, at least.

I am also relieved. Good test results mean she/we are not facing more operations or chemo and the rest, for now.

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