Monday, 5 April 2010

The Fridge - A Portrait

I've had these magnets for years, and things I know i'll forget when I go shopping are added to the fridge. The veg, milk etc I buy regularly never make an appearance. I still manage forget or overlook the list regularly. I was hugely amused by my fridge this weekend, when I realised it looked the the shopping list of a 1950s housewife! With the exception, perhaps, of the chilli and noodles. I don't know if I've ever had to buy a mop before, they've somehow always just appeared in my life....where from, who can remember?

The top half has some daft 'bodice ripping', 'literary' magnets that were a present (featuring a sabre toothed tiger, pirate ship, and a moist grotto) a gym timetable, gig flyer and taxi numbers stuck on.

Every time I have folk round I inevitably wake up the next morning to find all sorts of messages, filthy tales, and general nonsense. The boys tend to make as many rude words as possible. I suspect our fridges say as much about us as our bookshelves, choice of clothes or any other of our accoutrements! What does yours say about you?


  1. Your alphabet letters remind me of the the Magnetic Poetry collections, which I adore. I have the French and Spanish ones, thinking it might help me learn. At the moment, we're stuck with an old, slightly malfunctioning refrigerator that tends to get a little moldy. I don't want to think too hard about what that says about me. ;-)

  2. We have a magnetic white board on the fridge, allowing for constant writing and wiping...

    Sorry I've not been by much recently - been very caught up in trying to get everything sorted for this exhibition. Things might calm down in May after it begins :)

  3. Hey Kim, I'm just chuffed anyone stops by at all! Hope it's all coming together.

    Stacia - welcome back! An educational fridge....interesting!

  4. My fridge is boring in comparison to yours, I hope this doesn't mean that I am a boring person!!

    Just wanted to stop by and say hi, I've just discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts :)

  5. Hi Kirst, thanks for stoppng by. I'm sure it probably means you're more organised or elegant or something.....!