Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Nearly November

Sometimes, when it's cold I sleep with woollen socks and a hot water bottle. Other times, I sleep in my smaller, cosier spare bedroom in the single bed. Every time, it is never as nice as having strong arms wrapped round me and a hairy belly against the small of my back.

The clocks  have changed. It is dark by 5.30pm. It is getting colder.

For the first time since last winter, I am wondering where I will sleep tonight.


  1. Hi hun, thanks for dropping into my blog.
    I love the dark nights when you can cosy up and put the fire on.
    If you find any nice strong arms can you let me know, as I wouldn't mind a go with them myself.
    Glad you refused the marriage proposal in your earlier blog. No one woman should have a you'll do, kind of proposal.

  2. Will do. Perhaps Ann Summers should sell spare pairs too.....!