Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A question

There are a millon sentimental quotations out there on the subject of regret (better to regret the things you have done than the things you haven't, better to have loved and lost etc.....). I wonder if people believe them, or if it's what we tell ourselves to dull the pain of loss or stupidity or moments of weakness?

I'm not sure I believe people who tell me they have no regrets.Who are they trying to convince, me or themselves?


  1. I have no regrets

    I don't I don't I don't.... okay maybe a few but I try to learn from them!

    Kate x


  2. Indeed! I seem to have a box of them stored away in the corner of my head somewhere. Occasionally I wheel them out, cringe, blush, squirm, cry or whatever and then put them back into storage for another time hoping that one day they'll provide some wisdom....or disappear.

    Enjoyed reading your office adventures,


  3. Everyone has regrets, V. Not everyone has a blog ;)