Saturday, 24 April 2010

So, the dating saga continues

On to the third man who's emerged over the past wee while: after one idiot, one nice but ultimately unreliable and slightly elusive guy, there comes a charming Canadian. And I am delighted!

We met at a conference a couple of weeks ago, where I had to host a table. I had no influence over the seating plan I must add, and ended up with him on my left for the evening. He was a great conversationalist and more than once rescued me from technical chatter of cancer scientists when I was beginning to lose track and bring it all back to lay man's terms.

We discovered a mutual friend, a good friend at that who has since been doing his share of match making....

Confident, intelligent, cheeky. He's not the most handsome man I've ever met, but he has that spark about him. Tucked under the beard is a great smile, and a whole lot of insight. Oh, I do like a beard.

Anyway, we had our first proper date last night and it was delightful. His car had been ditched for the evening before we'd even made it to dinner, and we spent the evening laughing and sorting the woes of the world out.

For a change I'm not wondering if he'll call or when. I know he will. When doesn't really matter.

I'm also not daft and counting chickens, but it is very good to know there are still some decent men left on the market which restores my faith in why I bother with this dance we all do.


  1. Beards seem to really divide opinion among most women. My wife loves beards - after more than 19 years together she has still never seen my chin and has no desire to. And yet I've met many women who hate the things and find the idea of dating a man with a beard akin to the idea of dating a dog or a goat.

    But all those shaven men who prefer to look like boys will never know the wonderous pleasure of a woman running her fingers through your beard.


  2. Yay! Glad to hear that you had such a good time!

    On the beard discussion: aesthetically speaking, I prefer a shadow/stubble thing myself, rather than a full-on beard. For practical reasons I have to have a clean shaven man though. Facial hair on my partner makes my skin all red and itchy.

  3. have never dated a man with a beard--i only now realize. spent many years working at Renaissance Faires here in the states so bears were about in my life... but my father always had a great big moustache so i suppose facial hair puts me in mind more of a father figure? enjoy your Canadian, V. :) best,

  4. Libraray Girl has a post up about choosing a dress as analogous to choosing a man. I thought of your recent exploits when I read it :)

    See Shopping for Dresses

  5. I'll check it out. Thanks Kim. One day the exploits will come to an end, but in the meantime I've got to keep kissing those frogs.....!

  6. unrelated--i typo'd, which drives me insane--but mainly wanted to say: great profile portrait.

  7. Heather, I rather liked your typo
    and it seemed quite believable too.

  8. favorite typo i've read recently was at design sponge about the season of "sundresses and scandals" being near... :)