Friday, 26 February 2010

An Accidental Thief?

Yesterday evening I went to the supermarket to shop for tonight's dinner party. I was starving! Shopping on an empty stomach is never a good thing.

As I wandered past the deli counter, I spotted the macaroni pies and ordered one.

The macaroni pie is a strange Scottish delicacy. Even more weirdly, it seems the that Trinidadians eat a variation of them too. For those of you who've never heard of this wonderful creation, I thought a picture might be useful, but they're essentially macaroni cheese in pastry. They're also a terrible reflection on our nation's diet....

Anyway, I was so hungry I thought 'I'll just east this now and scan the label when I get to the check out'. The thing is, I can't remember if I put the bag and label in with all my other shopping when I reached the till. If I didn't, where did it go? Did the cashier scan it and bin the wrapper? It certainly didn't come home with me and I didn't keep the receipt. Perhaps I paid, perhaps I didn't.

If I didn't, do I feel guilty for underpaying an international corporation whose pockets I line every week? Part of me does, morally it is wrong. Then I think, with a global turnover of figures so large they are beyond comprehension, I don't think the shareholders will miss 75p.....

They probably don't even know the macaroni pie exists!


  1. mmmmmmmm, comfort food. I've never seen such a thing, but mac n cheese is one of my go-to's for indulgence. They'll never miss it.

    But what nosy little me was really hoping for --- how did the date go?

  2. Ooh, they're fab - macaroni without the need for a plate!

    Date was great! Although now nervously waiting for the call back....see update in comments below. Trying to be all grown up and not think about it! Seems there are some gentlemen still out there.