Monday, 15 March 2010

UK vs US Dating Etiquette continued.....

Well, I'm off out o a date with a second man in less than a month. This is a whole new thing for me - just trying and testing out different models! Seems I am learning from our American cousins.

It all feels very un-British, but why not? I usually take these things far more seriously but it appears that there's something in the air at the moment.

Maybe I need to develop some kind of scoring system....ooh, what an awful thought!

Having said that, it's good to get out and meet new people, learn to say 'thank you' to compliments, enjoy different conversation and challenge myself a little and discover that there are some good people out there.

Maybe the Americans have got it sussed after all....ask me on Thursday! Candidate 2 – bald human rights lawyer. Excellent.


  1. That's wonderful! And I say yes on the scoring -- it doesn't have to be mean after all. And this is your time to figure out what YOU really want, what's best for you. So why not? They don't have to know. But you should definitely put it on the blog, because I do want to know! ;-)

  2. A scoring system could be the subject of a whole other blog......

  3. Any man who thanks me (no matter how jokingly) for wearing a short skirt (when it was actually a dress) on a date in his thank you text is most definitey off the list - no score sheet required!! Think lead character in The Office, and a 'Kerrazzzy!' sense of humour....dear, oh flags at every turn.

    Back to candidate 1 me thinks!

  4. I cannot possibly imagine what it must be like getting back into the whole dating scene. Well, not getting back exactly - dating was a weird American concept 20 years ago.

    But I was crap at figuring out how to ask girls out back then. It's amazing I ever ended up with Maggie at all

  5. It doesn't get any easier with age!! If only we were just all brave enough to say what we wanted, life would be so much simpler...

    It's an interesting dance we all do,