Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bombarded by Junk - A question

My Blog's reading list has been plagued by spam recently and it's put me off being here quite so often.

It's very sad as the blog concerned was beautiful, thoughtful, clever: a recommendation from Kim Ayres over at Ramblings of the Bearded One. The blogger died. It was weirdly shocking, but those words were still there.

Recently it appeared back in the list of posts and, unsurprisingly curious, I clicked the link to it. Since then I have been bombarded. I tried to remove it from my reading list, reported it the Blogger etc. I've done all the recommended things I could find in the help section and still my reading list is bombarded with junk.

Any ideas anyone? I don't want to be irritated by this place that has become a fundamental part of my week. All suggestions would be very much appreciated.


  1. I'm guessing you mean Yellow Son - the blog of Sang Lee who died a while back. A few months back I saw he seemed to have a fresh post. I went to take a look and discovered the URL is now owned by someone else who is just a spammer. I removed it from my sidebar.

    However, on Facebook I was signed up to the app Networked Blogs, which Sang had also been, and so his Facebook page is now littered with this spammer's constant blog updates. As it was an app I never really bothered with, I just removed it via my account settings.

  2. Yes indeed. So, very sad that his words have been replaced by a menace. Every time I try removing it from my reading list, it reappears. Very, very frustrating.

  3. I use wordpress and on that system there are tools such as akismet to help with spam. You'll still get spam, but it never appears and you can delete it in bulk. I don't know about blogger (the system you are on) and whether this also has a plug-in, but in a nutshell you should not be doing it by hand!

  4. Thanks for the words of wisdom. I use wordpress for something else, and never had an issue. Will see what I can figure out here.....