Sunday, 6 March 2011

Techincal glitches....

It's been a long while since I edited the appearance of my blog, but the background image has disappeared and I can't seem to get it back. I don't even seem to be able to change the basic template so that it's not just white space....arghh!

Any ideas?


  1. Hi, V. Maybe if you go to the "design" section and pick a new template it will let you add new background images. But you might have to choose a new template from their choices. You can always preview it first.

    I am still enjoying reading no matter what the design, I hope to keep seeing more from you.

  2. Thanks McCaffrey, but it's not even showing me new templates to choose from....time to hit google for problem solving!

  3. Hi V,

    I've been away from reading online (for pleasure at least) for a while and have only just come back to your blog and seen your missing background (so to speak).

    If it is any help the browser is complaining that it can't find the image: OuterBanks.jpg which it was expecting to find at:

    I'm not familiar with but I can see that this image is referenced in one of the stylesheets that comes from (as if it is the third of three style options you may have set). I think, as McCaffrey suggested, you'll just have to play around a bit.

    Anyway, it's the content that matters not the background and I know you have more important issues on your mind at the moment.

  4. Thanks and glad you're back! I could sort if only blogger template designer function would let me in!!!! It's not allowing me to make any changes or select a new new template for tweaking.....I'll work it out soon i'm sure, V