Tuesday, 31 August 2010


I'm experiencing something I haven't for quite some time. I have a crush.

Normally, I meet someone new, we flirt, nothng happens/he asks me out/we kiss (reverse order as necessary), and things either go from there or grind to a halt and I write the whole thig off to experience.

Instead, there's a guy I've known for a while who's caught my attention after more than a year. We know each other socially, through a music night and mutual friends, but I found myself in one to one conversation with him for most of the last evening we were out together.

I arrived in the pub early, and my friends were running late. The mutual friend who runs the acoustic night was about but busy so I got a drink and sat down. Happy enough to wait knowing there was folk I knew on their way. He was at the bar on his own, I didn't see him until he waved, came over and asked if he could join me. Easy chatter flowed as one by one our friends arrived, groups mixing more than usual. We normally chat a little but return to our respective tables. It was nice: an awful word, I know.

We'd never spoken like that before and suddenly I see him in a whole different light. Serious, passionate and silly in equal measure.

It's a bit disconcerting that I find myself thinking about him now. We laughed and flirted and chatted. He's attractive and made me feel like I am too. Who knows if it'll ever become more than flirting, but in the meantime I'll just enjoy feeling like a fifteen year old!

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