Monday, 7 June 2010

My Career: A Tipping Point

Today has been strange. Tomorrow could be stranger.

Tomorrow I could have two existences to choose from, the continuation of my long term contract or a big scary exciting job. Or none. A board of directors may decide to change their strategy and not renew my bread and butter contract, and someone may decide not to offer me a job that is so close I can almost feel it.

I could have it all to pick from, or nothing. It is terrifying and exciting. I am on the cusp of three very different futures: employee, freelance consultant or a blank slate.

The positive, optimistic, professional me trusts that I have done enough for those who hold the decision making powers to vote in my favour. But, there is part of me that knows that the whims of others may leave me having to rebuild.

I must have faith and hope that out there is a bright future. For now, it is all out of my hands.


  1. Either it works out the way you want, or you have the chance to create a new reality yourself - which you've proved in the past you are capable of doing.

    I hope the most rewarding path presents itself :)

  2. I hope the outcome is the one that you think you really want.

    And if it isn't then, like Kim says, I hope that it turns out to be the great opportunity that you didn't know you really wanted. :-)

  3. Thanks Both. At the end of a very strange day, everything is up for grabs. The board who were frustrating me have offered a contract renewal and finally agree with everything I've been asking them to consider to move their organisation forward and a job offer is 95% of the way there. Formal offer on it's way.

    I got up this morning not knowing if i'd have anything at all by the end of the day, now I just a very big decision to make....Time for gut instincts I think......