Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Music and yoga

What is it in music that enables us to be more alive whilst at the same time completely switching off? Today has been a challenging day. I was confronted with questions about things I couldn't grasp, no matter how hard I tried. It's all a bit like being back at school. Sitting in the physics classroom, understanding everything that's going on until I get home take out my notes, attempt to do my homework and realise that none of it makes any sense. I got at the time, whilst I was in the room, but that understanding failed to become part of me.

No matter how I'm feeling my fiddle lifts into a different space. Completely engaged in something and with other people but somehow totally switched off. Concentration and listening blocking out any other thoughts. It leaves me feeling calm, even after a busy session of fast and furious tunes.

Exercise is the only other thing that seems to do this for me. Daft that I can be lifting weights, or furiously buzzing round in an aerobics class, surrounded by loud music, lots of other people and a shouting instructor and inside I am completely focused and calm. What is it about these things that achieves this? Are we all the same? I don't know.

Today has been topped and tailed by yoga and fiddle playing and I am calm, despite what confronted me in the middle.

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